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Editorial: GNPS Adult Program Open House

Honoring Someone Special – Ronna Telsey

Do come to the Great Neck Public Schools Adult Program Open House for the Arts this Sunday, Nov. 6, from 1 to 5 p.m., at the Cumberland Adult Center, 30 Cumberland Avenue. The Open House is an opportunity for the community to see lifelong learning in action. And, most importantly, this year the open house is a unique opportunity to honor someone very special, Ronna Telsey.

Community Speaks Decisively, 2,924 to 1,286

Main Library: At the Beginning of Another Chapter

Steady, heavy voting of 4,210 residents last Tuesday was a demonstration of the community’s concern about the Main library and its future. From talking with numerous people before and after the election, it became clear that the “No” votes, 2,924, were not anti-library votes per se, but rather reflected a range of concerns about the scope and cost of the project and the decision-making prowess of the library board to cope with an expansion project. So, in spite of busy parking lots, lines to vote and even a switch to paper ballots when the machines were full, voters were determined to be heard.

COPE Walk Raises Record Breaking Funds, Record Crowds

COPE Foundation (Connecting Our Paths Eternally) recently held its 9th annual COPE Walk for those families on Long Island living with the loss of a child on Sunday, Sept. 25, at the Long Beach Boardwalk in Long Beach. This year’s COPE Walk set new records for walker participation and funds raised for this annual event.  Over 300 bereaved parents, siblings, friends and family walked the length of the Boardwalk in order to honor the memories of loved ones, to publicize the foundation, and to raise money to support COPE’s programs and services. The funds raised from the walk represented an approximate 40 percent increase over previous year’s revenues.  New York State Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, was on hand at the event to lend his support to his local Long Beach constituents.

Statement From Great Neck Library Board President Janet Esagoff

Our sincere thanks to everyone who took part in the referendum on Oct. 25, 2011. Although we are disappointed with the results, our goal of renovating our Main Library remains constant. This 40-year-old building must be restored and the Library Board will meet as soon as possible to discuss the options open to them given the results of the vote.

Schimel Reflects On Successful Year

Greatly Looking Forward to Next Year’s Session in the State Assembly

“I’m doing all I want to be doing and I’m having a lot of fun with all my work,” New York State Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel told the Great Neck Record during a recent, very relaxed lunch. Brimming with enthusiasm and energy, Great Neck’s 16th District assemblywoman looked back with great pleasure on a productive year and is anticipating the excitement of a new Assembly session coming up in a few months.

Reviewing the past year Assemblywoman Schimel spoke of it as “the most successful legislative session in recent history.” She noted the on time balanced budget “with no new taxes … that closed a $10 million deficit and cut state spending by $3 billion over last year.” Ms. Schimel said that she and her colleagues “successfully fought to mitigate the executive budget’s drastic cuts to vital public services and made critical restorations in education, health care, job creation, and economic development.”


News from Israel:

Yeshiva World News:

  • Trump Called On Spy Chiefs For Help As Mueller Probe Began April 22, 2019
    Two months before special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed in the spring of 2017, President Donald Trump picked up the phone and called the head of the largest U.S. intelligence agency. Read more on Yeshiva World News
  • 11-Year-Old Jerusalem Boy In Serious Condition After Hit and Run April 22, 2019
    An 11-year-old boy was in serious condition Sunday night, after he was struck by a car in a hit-and-run accident on Golda Meir Avenue in Jerusalem. Emergency medical personnel from United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom responded to the scene and provided medical care to the child before evacuating him to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. Read more on […]
  • Trump Slams Romney Who Says He’s ‘Sickened & Appalled’ at Trump’s 2016 Campaign April 22, 2019
    Sen. Mitt Romney says he’s “sickened” by the dishonesty the Russia investigation found in the Trump White House, but the president fires back that Romney should have put the same energy into running for president in 2012 that the Utah Republican has tapped in criticizing him. Read more on Yeshiva World News
  • Giuliani: Nothing Wrong With Trump Camp Taking Russian Help April 22, 2019
    President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani insisted Sunday there was “nothing wrong” with the president’s 2016 campaign taking information from the Russians, as House Democrats pledged stepped-up investigations into campaign misconduct and possible crimes of obstruction detailed in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Read more on Yeshiva World News […]

Israel Pundit: Ted Belman’s news and views on Israel, the Middle East, the war on terror and the clash of civilizations.

  • Inside the room: King of Jordan left in the dark on Trump’s peace plan April 21, 2019
    AXIOS Jordan’s King Abdullah II speaks to President Donald Trump during a White House visit in June 2018. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images In a closed-door meeting with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last month, King Abdullah II of Jordan said the White House had given him zero visibility into the most fraught part of their peace […]
  • Kuwait newspaper reveals plan to destabilise Jordan April 21, 2019
    MIDDLE EAST MONITOR Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas has revealed a “dangerous” plan aimed to destabilise Jordan by promoting an individual close to King Abdullah II. The Kuwaiti paper reported security and political sources as saying that the man behind this plan is the husband of the King’s aunt, Al-Wattan Voice reported on Friday. The man is believed to be a bu […]
  • IRAC’s bridge too far April 21, 2019
    By Victor Rosenthal The American Reform Movement, which believes that it has the right to dictate how Israel should deal with its most critical security matters, also wants to remake Israeli society in an American image. And not by imitating the best features of American culture, but rather by choosing some of the worst: the hyper-progressive politically cor […]
  • BLOOD MONEY: How Qatar Bought Off the Entire DC Establishment April 21, 2019
    By David Reaboi, SSG The new film “Blood Money” deals with how the tiny Gulf Emirate of Qatar funds lobbyists, media outlets, think tanks to advance its agenda in Washington at the expense of the US and our allies. It explains, through this case study, how the foreign influence game works inside the Beltway. It also deals with a subject that’s particularly c […]

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